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Updated 14/03/2016


Seo thíos cúpla sean-fhocal in gcóir an am atá inti.
"An duine féin is fearr a fhios cá luíonn an bróg air.
  A person best knows where the shoe troubles.
"Athníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile."
  It takes one to know one.
"Athnítear cara i gcrútán.
  It is in trouble that a friend is recognised.
"An gad is giorra don scórnach is túisce is ceart a scaoileach.
  The knot nearest the throat is the one to release first.
"An lao ite i mbolg na bó."
  Don't count chickens before they are hatched.
"An luibh ná faightear is í fhoireann.
   The herb that can't be found is the very one that works.
"An rud a chíonnan leanbh níonn an leanbh."
  What a child sees a child does.


A special edition dealing with the 1916 Easter Rising was launched recently at the City Library. Running to 170 pages with several excellent illustrations, this special edition examines Limerick at that time and life in Limerick was lived in 1916. This was indeed a mighty and praiseworthy undertaking on the part of its Editor, Tom Donovan, a most agreeable gentleman to meet at all times. Unfortunately, I could not attend this most wonderful and notable launch as I was not in Limerick during that week but as is usual, I will be purchasing this special edition of what has become part of many households in Limerick city. Praise must also be afforded to the committee of this publication as also to their involvement in former publications. A very special word of praise to all the contributors who actually are mainly responsible for making the publication. No doubt one such contributor is the evr present, Des Ryan, who is yet another gentleman to meet in town and so knowledgeable, and a man who has been so willing to share his wealth of knowledge over the past decades. We wish Tom and his team all the very best with what most certainly promises to be an absolute sell-out edition.


On this coming Tuesday, March 15th, a most spectacular re-enactment of the Easter Rising 1916, will take place on the school grounds of St. Munchin's College from 1.30pm - 3.00pm. Upwards of 200 students will be participating in what promises to be a scintillating event when the vast audience will be captivated and enraptured with all the happenings of 100 years ago. Best of luck to all the participants and also to the teachers who sparked off this wonderful historical event.


What a most excellent choice the organisers of this year's St Patrick's Day Parade have made! An appropriate and well deserved choice if ever there was one, that of Myles Breen, an actor who has been the recipient of so many prestigious awards, not least of which was that of a major accolade from the US for his writing and portrayal of, "Language Unbecoming a Lady." I actually saw this play many years ago down at The Locke upstairs. What a play, and what an education of a different sort!
We greatly look forward to seeing Myles lead this year's parade and to seeing our pride if the parish, St Mary's Fife and Drum Band, now in their 131st year of their existence.


Anyone is welcome to submit pieces of local interest to this column which only takes a break for one week and one week only, just prior to Christmas. Of course schools should be doing so, as well as sports' clubs in season and many of them do, also local businesses, as well as our Parish Office, what could well be deemed the Nerve Centre of our community, along with, as I mentioned recently, St Mary's AID. Pictures, with a covering caption are also very welcome, and pictures can be emailed to the above address by themselves, and without a piece. I would very much welcome co-operation in this matter and keep in mind it is absolutely free! My thanks to the few who have been faithful to this call and I encourage them to continue to do so.


What a bout of pure solid initiative: that of former Árd Scoil Mhuire student, Katie Whelan, who is now in her first year of Business Studies at the University of Limerick. Katie devised a plan all by herself, that of erecting reminder lights and voice encouragement to would be people who find no other way out of their present predicament but to end their own lives. If this young lady does nothing else in her long life, she has done enough to date. The slogan that reaches out to us from the radio and TV every so often, 'A little goes a long way' could well be borne in mind in connection with this young girl's outstanding initiative. It was not a major undertaking to execute her initiative but what is quite amazing is the pure simplicity of her idea, an idea that has aroused such massive interest and in so doing no doubt has already saved one, perhaps more, but one person's life saved is paramount to major success: and an idea that will no doubt in the future be the very thing that will cause many more who have completely lost hope, to think again. Well done to Katie for being the recipient of the 'Limerick Leader' Person of the ear award. Parhaps, we should all keep in mind the wise old saying: It is better to light one small candle than sit and curse the darkness." Yet another maxim that might fit here is: Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí" Praise the young and they will follow (or comply).Emoji



We pray for the repose of the soul of the late, Kevin Keane, Melbourne, Australia, and formerly of 56, Athlunkard Street. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to his wife, Maureen and family: his sisters, Mary and Carmel. May he rest in peace.


Well done to Christy Flanagan, Majella Cosgrove, and Garry Hyland, who having formed the group, 'Dig in d'Island' in recent months were awarded an accolade for their initiative at an event in Dublin recently. Top Ecologist, Duncan Stewart, was full of praise for the group's project, who said that although they did not receive the top prize, they definitely will be back. The group plan to transform lands in the St. Mary's Park area in order to grow vegetables and in so doing, establish renewed pride in the King's Island area.
They also hope to establish a project in our local school by allotting plots in its grounds and to get the pupils involved in growing vegetables. For this the group have received the good-will and possible backing of men of Sustainable Energy of Ireland. I hope to keep my  readers updated as to the progress of this outstanding initiative as the project continues to emerge.

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