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Covid 19 Vaccinations

We fully appreciate that the changing nature of the vaccine rollout has lead to additional stress and worry for all concerned. As we receive information we will update this page. 


Updated 7/04/2021:

King's Island Medical Centre is at present vaccinating patients who are 70 years and older for Covid 19.

The vaccine we are administering  is the Pfizer Vaccine.

We receive a vaccine delivery every 2 weeks and the vaccines are all administered on the day of delivery. We have been instructed to start vaccinating over 85yr old patients and subsequently vaccinate age groups, 80 to 85yrs, 75 to 80yr olds... until all over 70 yr old patients are vaccinated. 

If you are a patient of the practice and 70 yrs or older we will contact you when we receive the vaccines for your age group to arrange an appointment.

We have opted in to vaccinating patients in categories 4a and possibly 7 ( )with the Astrazeneca Vaccine. We are awaiting delivery of these vaccines. It is likely that they will be delivered to us within the next 4 weeks. When we have a date of delivery we will contact patients in these catogeries.

We do not choose the vaccine for the different age/risk categories - this is decided at a national level.   



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If you are not currently a patient with King's Island Medical Centre and you would like to enquire further, please feel free to contact us directly.

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