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Updated 20/04/2019



Just a quick reminder of the fundraising event taking place at Nelly’s Corner on this Saturday from 10 to 6pm, with a Table Quiz beginning at 8pm. Amy was injured in a boating accident recently and your co-operation and interest in this event would be greatly appreciated.​


Among the many s Ardscoil Mhuire's Academic Awards are always a special event. This is not due to the huge amount of time and work that goes into organising it (though that too is greatly appreciated), but rather because of what it represents; the hard work and dedication of its school community during the year. Nominations were made based on numerous criteria, with many students being acknowledged for their talent, effort, enthusiasm, and contribution to the teaching and learning of particular subjects. Other students were selected in recognition of their contributions to the life of the school; be it through leadership, participation in extra-curricular activities, or indeed their kind and courteous personalities. The recipients of the various awards were those who were seen to have excelled, though all nominees are an example to their peers. This year's event in the Strand Hotel continued to celebrate the collective achievements of Ardscoil Mhuire's school community and drew attention to how this community, “a loved place” as Sr Ena Quinlan so tenderly put it, is thriving. Ardscoil Mhuire offers a heartfelt congratulations to all of the students nominated and a sincere thanks to their families for their amazing levels of support throughout the 2018/19 academic year.  ​



I recently listened to an excellent interview by historian, John Carroll, on Limerick City Community Radio. The interviewee was David O’Brien, Director of Limerick Civic Trust, David, came across as extremely well-versed and definitely had the interest of Limerick and the preservation of same at heart. One of the subjects he treated of in the captivating interview, was the acquisition of Napoleon’s chamber pot! Yes indeed, that same treasure is well preserved somewhere in the vaults of the Bishop’s Palace. He made very definite mention of the fact that their venue which is situated on the corner of Church Street and Castle Street, is open every workday and people are most welcome to come in and explore this magnificently restored building, which incidentally, was due for demolition were it not for the astute eye and careful planning of the late Denis Leonard, who was the initial Director of Civic Trust. It is also interesting to note that Limerick had the very first Civic Trust in the country. So, feel free to go along and view this palatial edifice that has been lovingly restored by the late Denis Leonard. Walking Tours also take place from this venue. All the History interviews are Podcast and this particular interview was broadcast from the Bishop’s Palace on Sunday, March 24th, 2019.​


A visitor from Ohio stated, ‘What a lovely quaint restaurant! Great breakfast! We’ve been to four different cities in Ireland in seven days and this was by far the best service and the very best breakfast we’ve had since we arrived.’ (March 19th 2019). Yet another visitor from Louisvile stated, ‘Outstanding local experience, food and service. If you are looking for a quick bite or a pint and want to experience the local flavour, step in!’ What an amount of praise from veritable strangers! Anything I might be tempted to add would surely be superfluous. The only day this premises is closed is every Wednesday.​



Would you like to share tour home with a child with disabilities? Have-a-Break is a Home Based Respite Service which facilities children with disabilities going to a home of a Carer for Short Breaks. This could be for a day, a night, or even a few hours depending on your availability; there may be an opportunity to increase your involvement over time if it suits your lifestyle. Experience of caring is not essential but can be beneficial. Training and Support is provided. For more information please contact Catherine O’Sullivan, Have-a-Break Co-Ordinator, Daughters of Charity, Lisnagry, on 087 4132888 or 061 501438 or Email Catherine,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Will take place at its new home on Nicholas Street, at 11am on Monday, April 29th.. All are welcome to come along at any time of that day. They are a vibrant happy group in there and are never far from some wonderful musicians, the Bodhrán being prime on the list. Wood turning has also proved a most interesting craft, where local man, Liam Moloney, is the Master of that unique Art. Just come along and join in the fun.​



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