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Updated 2/07/2018



Our annual Community Fest will take place on this Sunday afternoon. A packed family day with all sorts of races, face-painting, games etc. it promises to be a most enjoyable event from start to finish. It will take place at the Community Centre and nearby area. St Mary’s Fife and Drum Band will be there as well as a group known as the Rogues. Hopefully, the weather will hold good and a most memorable day will be experienced by all who attend.
ANCÓR THIS FRIDAY: Paul McNamara with Philip Mayers on piano, will be joined by Ancór Chamber Choir and Siúlóid Vocal Octet at St Mary’s Cathedral on this Friday, June 22, 2018 beginning at 8pm. Music by Stanford, Strauss, Bridge, Harty and others.
TRIP TO THE BURREN: The Thomond Archaeological and Historical Society have organised a full-day outing to the Burren Community Archaeology, Co. Clare on Sunday 1 July 2018. Anyone who is interested please contact the organiser: Mary Kenehan 086 8053452 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Red Hurley is coming to Limerick to raise funds for Castletroy based charity Clare's Wish Foundation. They are the only charity in Ireland that grants a last wish for Adults with a terminal medical illness. Red Staged a concert last year in the amazing St Alphonsus Church in June 2017 & announced on the night that he wanted to make this a annual fundraising event for Clare’s Wish Foundation so we have secured the beautiful Mount St Alphonsus church on the South Circular Road in Limerick as location for a ‘Red Hurley Spiritual Hits Concert’ featuring songs of praise again for July 6th 2018, The Eugene McCarthy Band and Unity Gospel Choir. Tracey Costelloe will also take part in what promises to be a fantastic night’s entertainment. The night will also be dedicated to the memory of all those we have lost. The fundraiser in aid of Clare’s Wish Foundation will take place on Friday, July 6th, 2018 at 8.15pm. Tickets cost just €20 and will be on sale at St Mount Alphonsus church shop, also online at


Reputed to have been established in the year 1789, Katy Daly’s public house is situated directly opposite King John’s Castle. At one time when this local hostelry was owned by Mick Halpin, it was strictly a male enclosure. During his term of ownership it was a well-established fact in and about the city that women were very definitely ‘off limits!’ But as with so many things nowadays, time moves on and I, for one, has welcomed the open door in various strata’s of Life. The above-mentioned pub is now owned by the Costello family, who also happen to own the famous Locke Bar which is situated on George’s Quay. Proximity to the Castle has certainly worked in its favour and with the positioning of seating outside lately, they just cannot lose. All in all, the effort put forward by the new owners has succeeded in bringing ‘new life’ to the area and that includes the moribund Nicholas Street which stands close by. Well done to Richard and his son, and Jackie, his mother whose vision for the area has been vital in ensuring its long-term vitality!


I recently heard of this new venture above what we always knew as ‘Stix’ but now seems to have changed its name to ‘Cinema Café’. From what I can gather it is a wonderful experience altogether where a few people are locked in one room or area and have to find their way out. It sounds a rather taxing feat and when ‘conquered’ one feels great to have found a way out. Anyway it would do no one any harm to check it out, something totally different it seems. For more information ring 061 951188


The contacts for the individual clergy are as follows; Fr Derek Leonard PP: 061-340614. Fr John O’Byrne: 085-7491263. Fr Seán Harmon: 087-9870284. The Parish Office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3.00pm – 5.00pm: the contact number is 061-416300. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Pre Baptismal meetings are held on Wednesdays at 8pm prior to Baptisms which are held on Saturdays at 5pm. Facebook Page: stmaryscatholicparishlimerick. Take note that the Parish Office usually closes for the summer months but you are still welcome to call the number, someone may be around to answer. Of course the ideal time to talk to a priest would be following the daily Mass at the sacristy.


AA meetings take place in the Town House situated behind our church on Tuesday and Thursday at 8.30 pm every week.


While we are justly inclined to complain of late years about the economy in our country, spare a thought for our brave ancestors who were left bereft of their main staple diet, that of the reliable spud! Fifty-six years ago, 1962, the 'Limerick Leader' published the following piece.

"There's a potato famine in Limerick. For the first time in close on 50 years, the local market was deserted this morning... on a day that upwards of 40 tonnes would normally be sold. Does this mean that supplies have run out? According to a prominent wholesaler, no! He told the Leader: "There's sufficient in the country, but of a poor quality. With record prices available in England, the best were exported. What are left are generally of a very inferior quality, and rather than jeopardise the export trade, the Irish Government have now stopped the sale of potatoes to England." But even the 'bad spuds' were not in the city market this morning. Why? Could it be that the farmers are holding out for bigger prices? Our information is in the affirmative. A second wholesaler told us that the housewives will have no trouble selling their wares, but we feel that the institutions, such as hospitals, could be badly hit. He added Shannon Airport could also be affected. Here's how he put it: "We are committed to funding contracts and even if we will be able to buy, probably at an impenetrable price, we cannot guarantee quality."


The delightful fountain situated behind City Hall has recently received a new lease of life with the instalment of a circular water fountain. Known as the ‘Fountain of Heritage,’ one of the plaques surrounding it reads as follows: ‘Dedicated to the courageous men and women who left their native land, starting with the Flight of the Wild Geese in October, 1691, to seek freedom of religion, political expression and economic opportunities for themselves and their families. Presented to the people of Limerick on the occasion of the Treaty 300 commemorations in the City of Limerick on October 3, 1991 by the Wild Geese, Ltd., of Fairfield County, Connecticut, with contributions of members and friends whose names and families are inscribed here.’ The sculptor of the Tobar na hOidhreachta, is William H. Turner.


People who are into reading books are never really alone even if it is their lot in life to live alone for long periods of time. Because upon opening the covers of your ‘literary friend’ you immediately enter into the world of the writer who takes you on a most interesting journey. During the few days or even longer that it takes you to complete that journey, you engage with the characters portrayed therein to the point that they actually have the ability to become real to you. Recently I happened upon a very simple but apt poem on the said topic and I decided to share it with my readers.


Who hath a book
Has friends at hand,
And gold and gear
At his command.

Eventmaster - Create. Share. Book



And rich estates
If he but look,
Are held by him
Who hath a book.

Who hath a book
Has but to read,
And he may be

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