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Kings Island HSE Branch

A team of healthcare professionals offering a wide variety of medical services



HSE (Tel. 061 483020)

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King’s Island Primary Care Team is a team of health professionals who work closely together to meet the needs of the people living in the community. We provide a single point of contact to the health system for the person.

Professionals working in KIPCC include:


arrow1 GPs and Practice Nurses who will work from KIMC


arrow1 Community Nursing Service – Public Health Nurse, Community Registered Nurse

        Covering Corbally. (Tel. 483024)

        Covering King's Island. (Tel. 483022)


arrow1 Occupational Therapist

         Covering King's Island and Westbury. (Tel. 483020)


arrow1 Physiotherapist
     Tel. 483020


arrow1 Home Help/support staff

Triona McNamara - Home Help Organiser. (Tel. 483600)


arrow1 Dietitian

Sinead Glover - Desmond Programme. (Tel. 483437)


arrow1 Speech and Language Therapy

    Covering King's Island, Thomond, Westbury, Ballynanty. (Tel. 483020)


arrow1 Ophthalmic Services

Dr Catherine McCrann (Tel. 457100) 



As part of the Mental Health in Primary Care Initiative a Primary Care Counselling Service is now available in King's Island PCC. This  is available free of charge to GMS patients over 18 years. For further information please contact a member of the primary care team. 


arrow1 Social Worker

Karen Lyons - covering King's Island, Thomond, Westbury and Ballynanty. (Tel. 457135)


arrow1Clinical Nurse Specialist in Diabetes

       Covering King's Island, Thomond, Ballynanty and Westbury. (Tel. 483020)


The Primary Care Team members also link with other community-based disciplines to ensure all health and social needs are provided for. These include:

arrow1 Mental Health Services
arrow1 Counsellor/Psychologist
arrow1 Podiatry

Doireann MacLoughlan - will see patients who have diabetes and require the opinion of a podiatrist. Also patients with a vascular or rheumatological condition and a "high risk" ulcer.

arrow1 Dental


The HSE provided services in KIPCC are also available to patients who live or whose General Practioner practices in the King's Island or Corbally areas.

For further information tel.  061 483020

King's Island Primary Care Centre

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If you are not currently a patient with King's Island Medical Centre and you would like to enquire further, please feel free to contact us directly.

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Local news and information

Here at King's Island Medical Centre we are proud members of the King's Island community. Here you can find useful links, local news and information about the history of the area.