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Quite amazing really, that in this icy spate of Winter we've experienced of late to observe the greenery that surrounds our beautiful church so tastily arranged, including one or two perfectly cut geometric shapes. This took an amount of work on the part of Noel who appears to thrive on keeping these grounds in peak condition, thus offering the parishioners and public alike, a visual delight as they pass by. An onerous task by any stretch of the imagination. Well done to Noel !


Our supreme novelist, Kate O'Brien was born in St. John's parish in 1897 and this year we remember her passing all of fifty years ago in 1974. Back in 1993, I included a poem in my third collection, entitled, “Reflections of Life”. It was simply called “Kate”.


Though weary of stone

and priestly drone,

Her thoughts soared higher and higher,

She was still quite young

When she left her home

'Neath St. John's lofty spire.


Espania, her chosen spot

Whose rich culture she imbibed,

Avila being her second home,

Her zest for life

Devoid of strife

While on distant soil she thrived.


Imagination rich and fertile

Some works all did not favour

Insular minds

'Mid tightened strings

And values bent

Shunned its 'spicy' flavour!


Yet, triumph visited

Our literary queen

And all her novels

Gems each one

On myriad bookshelves proudly stand

Encased in covers green.


Her most interesting life fulfilled

She died on foreign soil,

Across the water

Her remains now lie

In peaceful slumber

While millions still relish

The fruits of her literary toil!


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