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Following a spectacular concert on Thursday evening last in our church, on Sunday morning we were treated to yet more celebrations, that of a great barbecue affair down at Athlunkard Boat Club. After Mass at 11.30am that was celebrated by Bishop Leahy, the atendees followed our local Band down that now famous 200 year-old street, called Athlunkard. It was a highly convivial occasion that saw everyone enjoying themselves as they mixed and renewed old acquaintances. It was definitely a week of weeks, beginning with the outstanding launch of an excellent publication entitled, “The Story of Athlunkard Street 1824-2024” by Parish scribe, Denis O'Shaughnessy. I understand it ran out faster than Coe! Sabastian, that is. The interest in this literary local treasure being rife.


To furher augment the pristine look of the exterior of our church, with its eclectic array of flowers and tulips of various colours, the main gates and railings have been removed to eventually be returned looking all brand new. Well done to Fr. Richie Davern and others for this major move. It will certainly enhance the all-over look of our beautiful church that was built in 1932. As I have often mentioned in this column, Canon Donough O'Malley, saw to the churche's interior during his sojourn in our Parish, the very fine renovation being the work of Hodkinson's Ecclesiastical Decorators.


Very much in line with the avid interest in our Bicentenary celebrations, the gathering at historian John Elliot's walk and talk of the history of Athlunkard Street (1824) on Sarurday morning last, saw a gathering of over 100 people attend the walkabout of this now famous street. No doubt, a similar gathering attended the Talk by Band Master, Dr. Derek Mulcahy, at MITC on Saturday night. The entire week of celebration has exceded all our expectations, beginning with the mega-launch of Denis O'Shaughnessy's book entitled “ The Story ofAthlunkard Street 1824-2024” a few Fridays ago up to the celebration of the 11.30 Mass at our church on Sunday last and the ensuing 'follow thr band' to Athlunkard Boat Club, where food, fun and friendliness abounded. And wasn't the weather so very good to us. I mean, events such as these happen only once in a century, but in our case it was once in two centuries! Close your eyes and try to imagine! The meagre times, the want, the need, but above all, the faith of the Parish people, the people we were born into!

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