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For many decades, one of the most popular and eagerly awaited writers in the 'Limerick Leader' was the astute, good-humoured scribe, Patricia Feehily, who succeeded in interspersing a witty touch throughouther weekly offering entitled 'Don't Mind Me' even in the most serious topics. She was a 'tonic' for sure! Sadly, she, like some other fine writers have exited from these pages. However, for a few years now, another excellent writer, Tom Aherne, has sprouted and pens a very fine article weekly, his output being uniquely eclectic. One never knows what may pop up, but one thing is for sure, his offering as well as being interesting, will be intelligently written. Case in point, his article entitled “What Is On The Telly Tonight?” that featured in Part 2 of the issue 7-7-23. An amount of thought went into writing that most enjoyable piece that even managed to elicit not a few memories re the dawn of TV and as mentioned, life would never be the same, with a loss of the art of conversation, rambling houses etc. For those who may have missed it, it would be well worth searching out.


Over the past decades we have seen many priests come and go from within our midst, that being the nature of the priestly ministry. Most have left their mark in one way or another, always positive, of course. Case in point being Canon Donough O'Malley, who has a passionate bent in the area of local history. And it so happened that he carried that passion into his ministry during his sojourn among the Parish faithful. Our church, built in 1932, is without doubt most beautiful and this fact was uppermost in the mind of the then pastor, when he called upon the finest Ecclesiastical Decorators, known both locally and nationally, Hodkinson's, to upstage matters re painting etc, and may I add, these were very definitely intricate in parts. And so, because of Canon O'Malley's deep appreciation for the preservation of the past, our church portrays a decorative elegance in keeping with the aesthetic demands of the day, so to speak. This man hath served our Parish well!


Following on from the above piece, we move outside to the exterior of our beloved church. The floral display as you pass by is positively dazzling, with a vast array of snow-white daisy-like flowers, the larger version, there are lilies also to enhance the magnificent scene. All areas of out church's exterior are impeccably kept, thanks to the extreme hard work put in on a constant basis by Noel, the all-round caretaker. Well done to him! He has afforded the passer's-by, a visual delight to lift our spirits.


Our famous Bard of Thomond, Michael, was baptised in St. Munchin's Church, married in St. Mary's Church in 1858, and his funeral, attended to by Griffin's Undertakers, left from St. Michael's church in April 1899. All it seems as eclectic as his literary output. Michael Hogan was an outstandingly brilliant and highly gifted poet, and for the bleak times he lived in, more than likely, working by gaslight or candlelight. And due to the fact that he worked long hours at Lock Mills, over by the canal, he composed his literary gems well into the late hours of night. He was finally recognised over one hundred years following his death at his residence on Rutland Street, by having an eye-catching life-size statue, the work of Limerick native, Jim Connolly, erected close to King John's Castle. The main sponsor being his descendant, Peter Hogan, who sadly passed away last year in Atlanta, Georgia. The local Corporation covered the cost of the plinth. In 1999 his famous poetic tome “Lays and Legends of Thomond” was published once again, and descendants of his, Michael and Noel Hogan.


The following piece appears on the dust-cover of the above-mentioned publication that was printed by Treaty Press. “Friends of the Bard began in 1992, with a view to keeping alive the memory of our gifted poet, Michael Hogan. The re-publication of “Lays and Legends of Thomond” after a lapse of seventy-five years, marks the very pinnacle of our achievements to date. This monumental undertaking has been made possible, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Michael and Noel Hogan, two musicians who are a vital part of the world-renowned band, the Cranberries. Like many of the Hogan clan, at home and abroad, these two young men are proud to be numbered among the descendants of a truly literary giant.” (This publication ran to almost 500 pages in very small print)


“”The death of the Bard of Thomond removes from the city a man remarkable in more parts than one. Born in humble circumstances, with little opportunity in the way of education, he was, so to speak, a child of genius.” (Editorial 'Limerick Echo”)

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