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Where do I begin? I honestly don't know, the possibilities being as vast as the Atlantic Ocean! I speak of course of the recently published book entitled “The Story of Athlunkard Street 1884 – 2024” by local writer and outstanding Parish scribe, Denis O'Shaughnessy. This collection, the cover of which is graced by a magnificent painting by Parish Artist, Jim O'Farrell is for sale at our local Credit Union and at McMahon's Butcher shop. It will also be available to purchase at the Concert in our chuch at 7.30pm this Thursday night. As well as having many gems recalling our Parish past, this book also includes a few excellent pieces by local parish writers. In short, is a veritable literary feast! Not to be devoured hastilly, it is judged better to sample each offering in its own right, take a little break and return to it a little later. I will update my readers on this literary Parish treasure from time to time. It might even keep me going til the end of the year, so vast and eclectic is its contents. (A pity, in this case anyway, that space must be confining, God be with the good old days)


The perfect launch it turned out to be at the St. Mary's Rugby Club clubhouse out in Grove Island. As we all arrived around eight last Friday evening, a match was in progress in the vast nearby field that evidenced pristine care and meticulous management. Once inside, the first scene that met us was a queue, one mighty long queue awaiting author, Denis to sign their book, with head slightly bent, black-inked pen at the ready. In the queue I met the two Gleeson brothers, John and Joe and conducted a 'catch-up' chat while awaiting our turn. The author's eldest son, Donough, proved a most pleasant, unruffled, and efficient MC on the night. Margaret, wife of the author, as ever, looked very well and oh, so graceful (oh, to be tall!) anyway, the family being large, occupied a table all to themselves and what a gracious and friendly bunch they are! Deputy Mayor at this auspicious event was Conor Sheehan, and what a lively personality he has, most pleasing indeed.


One of Denis's daughters read a delightful piece entitled 'Mamma Clancy' writen by Mae Leonard, who unfortunately, was unable to attend the event. The presence of Frances Browner on the night proved a novel experience for the attendees. And the mention of that word 'novel' calls to mind her latest novel entitled, 'A Bronx Summer'. Although domiciled in the Wexford environs, Frances has deep parish roots and features frequently in 'Ireland's Own'. You will become familiar with this most accomplished writer in this publication. On the night, Frances read her own poem entitled, 'The Street' no prizes for guessing which one! I was invited to read a poem I penned back in 1992 entitled 'Treacy's Farewell' that features in the book. Artist, Jim O'Farrell, read a very witty piece that you will find in the book also. We thoroughly enjoyed two very fine singers on the night, Seán O'Shea and John Ryan, who we learned had once lived on Athlunkard Street. A budding young star on the night was one of the author's grand-sons, whose clear musical tone rang out spankingly clear. I look forward to hearing what he will sound like in a few year's time, a cracker for sure! A few musicians accompanied this lad, while later we were treated to the superb playing of the harp by a talented musician. A good time was had by all, and grateful I was to meet quite an astute man on my way out, who commented on my weekly Notes. And even even after 22 years, that helps! (I hope I forgot no one)


We are a loyal native tribe

Injected from birth with Parish pride

In sport and music we are great

And a wealth of stories can relate

Inspired by Denis, our resident scribe!


In the Cathedral on Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Don’t worry if you missed an evening, or can’t make all of them – just come along when you can. The project will conclude with a public performance on 31st May, at 8pm, when the choir will sing at the opening and closing of a dramatic reading of the Voyage of St Brendan the Navigator, chosen to reflect our personal navigation through the storms and calms of life.Volunteers for the event on 31st May would also be hugely appreciated to help set up and to be on the door. Please let Catherine know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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